Scientists Embracing Equality and Diversity

  • Next Meeting: Wed Nov 14th 6pm Schoo Bemis Lobby

The SEED club is a group of students with a common interest in promoting science, equality, and diversity. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join regardless of age, sex, gender, orientation, or race. We are passionate about working together to educate others on the issues of inequality within our fields of study. We discuss science, issues of inequality within the scientific community, personal issues we deal with, what we can do further our cause, as well as discuss future projects. We are currently brainstorming ideas for the year and would love your help. We are a very relaxed club based on free and open discussions. If this club sounds like something you would like to be a part of, our next meeting is Wednesday October 12th at 6pm in the Schoo Bemis lobby. We are always looking for new members and love seeing new faces!


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