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There is a difference between losing weight and losing weight. There are 3 replies:
There is a difference between losing weight and losing weight. Original post: Fri 1/22/2021 at 12:18 PM

Losing weight is not the same as losing weight.
There is a difference between losing weight and losing weight.
The person may not necessarily lose weight, but may actually become thinner.

It is possible to lose weight by reducing fat, but also by gaining muscle mass or, also, by combining the two.


Healthy weight loss

To lose weight is to be lighter, but, this can happen by losing lean mass, which is not good.

Muscle mass refers only to muscles; while lean mass is the set of muscles, vital organs, bones and body fluids.

The percentage of fat is part of everything except lean mass. Harmful to health, however, is excess body fat.

Healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss should result as a result of the combination of physical activity with adequate food.

When weight loss occurs along with a reduction in lean mass, there is, at the same time, a reduction in metabolism, making weight loss and maintaining it more difficult in the long term.

Loss of lean mass

The loss of lean mass is a normal result of the natural aging process, due to physiological issues.

Likewise, the loss of lean mass also occurs as a result of inadequate nutrition, a fact that is very unfavorable to good health.


Muscle x fat

Muscle and fat are the same weight. What differentiates them is the volume, that is, the fat occupies much larger space than the muscle.

However, when you have a balanced diet and practice physical activity, your weight may even increase. This is because the muscle weighs and, as the muscle takes up less space than fat, the person's size becomes smaller.

The fact of having a percentage of lean mass makes the person thinner, and also has a greater chance of losing fat, since the muscles consume calories at all times, including when the person is sleeping.


Indicative of weight loss

When clothes wear differently, easily, without squeezing, it means that the person has lost weight, that is, reduced fat.

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Re: There is a difference between losing weight and losing weight. Posted: Fri 1/22/2021 at 12:36 PM, in reply to guest guest
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Re: There is a difference between losing weight and losing weight. Posted: Sat 1/23/2021 at 2:53 AM, in reply to guest guest

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