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Changes in Adobe Creative Cloud Shared Device License

Beginning this September, all lab and classroom machines on campus have the new Adobe Shared Device License installed on them.  This change will require you to log in with your Springfield College PrideNET username and password in order to use Adobe products. 


1. When you first launch an Adobe App, you will be prompted with a sign in screen:

2. Enter your Springfield College email address using as the domain name e.g. 

3. As soon as you press enter or tab to the password screen, you will be redirected to our single sign on screen – you will see a screen that tells you that you are being redirected.


4. Enter your PrideNET username and password.  Note: you will NOT enter the at this login screen.

Once complete, you will be returned to the Adobe app you launched, and you are ready to go!


Always remember to restart a lab or classroom computer when you are done working on it, this will clear out any apps or websites you are logged into.


If you have any questions, or problems using Adobe apps or any other software installed on lab machines, please contact the Technology Service Center at 413-748-4872 or email


You can download a copy of these instructions by clicking here.

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